Company Overview



Cold Storage

6.000 m2 / at +4 °C
7.100 m2 / at -20 °C

Dry Storage

6.900 m2 
Veiled Warehouse

North IRAQ

3.250 End
Selling Points

South IRAQ

10.150 End
Selling Points

One Big Family

Our headquarters is in Baghdad and we have branches at 18 different cities. In each city, we distribute our own products on daily basis by ourselves with our own vehicles available in those branches.

nature friendly products

All over Iraq; ALLIBA has almost 

18 different cities.




 Company Overview




Our Distribution System


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Brands of Alliba


Professyonel Team

Company Overview

The story of Alliba Food Company has began in 2003, in Baghdad; and continued focusing on quality with almost 1000 employees today. As being one of the leading food companies in Iraq, our mission is to serve consumers the healthiest food with the best quality and in a fastest way continually. 

All Brand

Alliba Food Company, with a very wide range of products, meets different type of customer’s needs on dairy and frozen products range. Alliba, keeping abreast of global trends, is the market leader in many products. We endeavor to have available the most preferred brands for Iraq community. 

Alliba takes pride in bringing healthy, innovative and delicious product to consumers since its estab-lishment.
The most important responsibility of being a major food distributor is to contribute not only Iraq’s nu-trition quality but also accordingly improve the quality of life.
We work for it…

Company Overview

Target Markets


We do supply quailty foods to rants and Coffee Shops in Iraq.

Supermarket Chains

– Carrefour


Wholesalers compensate the lack of the supermarkets and are our important customers at present conditions.

Grocery Stores

We also reach to the small


All over Iraq; ALLIBA has almost 20.000 m2 storage capacity in total.

Our Distribution System

Cities in which we make daily distribution;

-Al kut


– Karbala
– An Nasiriyah
– Al’amarah
– Ad Diwaniyah
– As Sulaymaniyah
– Al Hillah
– Diyala
– Al Muthanna
– Najaf

Our Distribution System

Now, we reach around 13.400 stores on daily basis across Iraq. In each city, we have..

Great things in business are never done ”by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

Geographic Positioning of Iraq